Monday, December 18, 2006

A guy I can respect the hell out of

This is a really fantastic story from the Wisconsin State Journal:
He doesn't offer any opinions on anything he hasn't personally experienced. He wears a Harley-Davidson T-shirt because he rides a Harley-Davidson. He didn't use the word "adventure" once during an hour-long interview about his under-the-radar trips to Vietnam and Iraq.
The way he explained his methods upon returning: "I try not to take political sides, but I will tell anyone interested what I saw and let them make their own conclusions. . . . I try to provide context.

"I was in the military when Vietnam collapsed. It was painful for me and the soldiers of that era.

"I have never been satisfied with someone else telling me how I should feel, and that's what I was getting about Iraq. Tie in the fact that this is what I heard during the Vietnam years, only this time around it was not good enough. I wanted to find out for myself," he said.

There is more at his website.


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