Wednesday, November 08, 2006

The Win

Democrats take the House and are poised to win the Senate, depending on the results of a possible recount in Virginia. The box score: House, 229 to 196, Senate 50 to 49 (1 undecided), Governorships 28 to 22. Nationally voters managed to confuse the chattering classes by raising the minimum wage and banning gay marriage across several states. See the Wikipedia article for even more information.

In apparent reaction to the defeat Rumsfeld falls on his sword at the prospect of being used as a bi-partisan punching bag. Good riddance, Don.

Meanwhile a wild night in Wisconsin as voters check boxes all over the ballot: Doyle keeps the governorship, VanHollen over Falk for AG, and Kagen beating Gard in the open house race. The Constitution is amended to ban gay marriage.

The Democrats, having been written-off by many of their own members, have returned.


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