Friday, November 24, 2006

Returning to something a bit old

I promised a little while back to give a quick digression on the differences I see between the right and left sides of the blogosphere, so since I'm posting anyway, let's do that.

I certainly continue to believe that the Lieberman victory was at the same time a major loss for the Kosack left - known primarily for its vitriol. This is in stark contrast to the major "conservative" (or more precisely, center-right libertarian and independent) bloggers - especially central figures like Glenn Reynolds, Ann Althouse, and Dean Esmay. During the 2004 campaign, I saw their impact - in a race in which Rove quite pointedly ignored the center-right libertarian and independent vote, these major "right-wing" pundits were able to speak the language of the center to bring in voters.

I sense that as the Republican party continues to move away from the center, focusing increasingly on the perceived base of the hard religious right, even the relative centrism of these bloggers will be to increasingly little avail. But for a time, it worked well, and could again if the Republican party as a whole makes a move back toward the center.


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