Saturday, November 25, 2006

Does this mean they don't support the troops?

Now back in power, the Democrats have grand objectives - certainly going far beyond the rallying cries of Iraq and socialized health care:
Sen. Tim Johnson said in an interview that a top priority is the military lending measure, which caps at 36% the annual percentage rate, including fees, that can be charged to service members and their dependents. The South Dakota Democrat warned that the provision - intended to curb payday lending - may interfere with the credit system.

The measure "may have a lot of unintended consequences that will go far beyond just the payday industry," he said. "We are going to have to revisit that issue and make sure that the end result of this legislation isn't to deny military members and their families access to banking services that they've always assumed would be there."

The measure, written by Sen. Jim Talent, R-Mo., who narrowly lost his reelection bid last week, "flew through here awful quickly in a very political environment," Sen. Johnson said.

Though he said he was sympathetic to the problem, noting that one of his sons was an Army veteran, he warned that carve-outs for specific types of people could set a dangerous precedent.

"This time it's military. Who's to say it isn't going to be widows and orphans or other sympathetic groups in the future?" he asked. "We need to address the needs of people who have short-term, low-denominational credit needs, but I fear that the legislation we passed is going to have unintended consequences that were not fully thought through."

Wait, wait, wait - since when are the Democrats concerned about giving out special benefits to minority groups?


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