Saturday, November 11, 2006

Beaten to the punch

I was planning to wax intellectual and explain just why the Democratic victory isn't necessarily a victory for the Democrats per se, but rather a backlash against Republicans who have failed to live up to promises of good governance, small government, and accountability, but Althouse beat me to the punch - and has a selection from David Brooks that sums it up nicely:
So voters kicked out Republicans but did not swing to the left. For the most part they exchanged moderate Republicans for conservative Democrats. It was a great day for the centrist Joe Lieberman, who defeated the scion of the Daily Kos net roots, Ned Lamont. It was a great day for anti-abortion Democrats like Bob Casey and probably for pro-gun Democrats like Jim Webb. It was a great day for conservative Democrats like Heath Shuler in North Carolina and Brad Ellsworth in Indiana....

I do think that Lieberman's victory was one of the most important events of Tuesday night, and signifies a great deal about where America really is right now.


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