Friday, October 13, 2006

Someone gets the divide

I usually don't agree with Dick Armey - he's rather too religious for my tastes. But apparently he and I agree on more than I thought:
Freedom works. Freedom is a gift from God Almighty, and we have a responsibility to protect it. Christians face a temptation to power when we are fortunate enough to have a majority of support in Congress. But government can never advance a faith that is freely given, and it is corrosive to even try. Just look at Europe, where decades of nanny-state activism— including taxpayer support for churches and for religious political parties— have severely eroded the faith. In America today, too many of our Christian leaders fail to recognize the temptation to power and the danger it holds for our society and our faith.

And so America’s Christian conservative movement is confronted with this divide: small government advocates who want to practice their faith independent of heavy-handed government versus big government sympathizers who want to impose their version of “righteousness” on others through the hammer of law.

Minus that "gift from God" stuff, this is exactly why I no longer claim affiliation with the Republican Party. It's gone totall off its axis, and is lost in a swamp of religious conservatism that has nothing to do with the founding of the party.


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