Saturday, October 07, 2006

PSA Away!

So on my last post, I served up a slice of North Korean propaganda, on this post, in the interest of equal time, I'd like to share some from our side, the great public service announcement or PSA.

The first is a World War II cartoons from Disney, the classic, Der Fuehrer's Face , featuring the Donald Duck we know and love dreaming of being a Nazi slave laborer.

Saturday Night Live mocks its parents NBC and General Electric in the style of Schoolhouse Rock.

The US launched an anti-suicide bombing PSA this year (see the MSNBC article about it). Watch it and compare with 200, a psychedelic (yes, as in mushrooms) Bicentennial cartoon made by the US Information Agency.

And, finally, director David Lynch does the scariest anti-littering ad ever.

You may not believe the hype, but some of it is pretty funny, or at least really freaky.


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