Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Notes from a scene - pt 1

As we mentioned, this blog isn't all about politics - so when cool stuff happens, we'll blog that, too.

As such, I have to say that Regina Spektor's show at the recently-troubled Majestic theater was absolutely fantastic.

Regina was 500% more charming than on her records, which, if you've heard her, is really saying something. She was absolutely delightful tonight, apologising for her (really not at all bad) guitar playing and happily cursing when she messed up one of her last encore songs. She played about a third of the show by herself, then brought on a band - a bunch of session musician schmucks who looked like they should have been in some crappy top-40 radio band. But they knew how to play instruments, and gave our dear Regina the ability to really rock out on some of the cuts from Begin to Hope. And the theater itself is gorgeous inside - far too beautiful to waste on hip-hop nights, certainly. It's far more ornate than I had expected, and is quite crowd-friendly, with a nicely sloping and terraced floor that makes for easy viewing of the stage, even from the back. I wish I could give you some photos or something too, but a.)my camera is pretty crappy, and takes bad pictures in anything less than blazing sunlight, and b.)cameras weren't allowed in anyway.

So, I'll leave you with some good advice from the charming lady herself:
Well maybe you should just drink a lot less coffee
And never ever watch the 10 o'clock news
Maybe you should kiss someone nice or lick a rock or both
Maybe you should cut your own hair cause that can be so funny
It doesn't cost any money and it always grows back
Hair grows even after you're dead

People are just people
They shouldn't make you nervous
The world is everlasting
It's coming and it's going
If you don't toss your plastic
The streets won't be so plastic
And if you kiss somebody
Then both of you'll get practice


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