Tuesday, October 24, 2006


Well, not really, but folks are worried. Jib wonders whether
...Republican pessimism over the midterm elections [will] become a self fulfilling prophecy? Hand wringing can get the base to the polls, but it can also turn off those independent and right leaning Democrats.

I'd expect there's an easy way to measure that - take a look at where moderate and libertarian-leaning Republicans are going this year. Instapundit aside, many centerists are really not sure where to go - and even Reynolds at least had doubts. Althouse was soliciting advice a few days ago. I personally am at the point of considering third-party protest votes - no politician in any race in this state seems to have earned the job.

But that kind of thinking might - and this is a long might - help Democrats. Andrew Sullivan notes that the New Jersey Supreme Court will issue a decision on "marriage equality" tomorrow. Depending which way it goes, that could have major reverberations - and drive a lot more of the religious right to the polls.

So, loathsome as it is to say, turning off the socially liberal Republican voters could be a real boon to the Republicans this year. God knows they've been trying to get rid of that part of the party for a while anyway, so I guess it works out.


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