Tuesday, October 17, 2006

5 Minute Europe

I'm not a fan of much user created YouTube content. Why, because once you've seen one mindless rant, one pointless photo-montage, one stupid gag, and a half-assed film school project, it feels like you've seen them all. If anyone needs a reason why we pay people obscene amounts of money to make movies, watch enough YouTube and you'll realize how much effort, skill, and ultimately, luck, goes into making something remotely watchable.

But this film, a fast montage of a multi-day trans-Europa soft drug bender, works as a terrific little piece of cinema, a spoken word piece, even a satire on Hunter S Thompson style Gonzo journalism. If you've ever wanted to wander across Europe in a drunken stupor, or wondered what it would feel like, you can do it for 5 minutes and $0.


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